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Our services in precision circle saws

Top support from experts at Rohbi Tech AG

Rohbi Tech AG is not only your contact for precision circular saw machines and accessories for automation. It also supports you in other areas. For example, we offer sawing tests to show you how fast and precisely our machines work. We can perform sawing work on your behalf, so that you can fully use your in-house capacities for on-going projects.

Saw testing as a basis for your decision-taking

Are you looking for the right saw machines for your workpieces? You've found your partner in Rohbi Tech AG. We take your wishes seriously and commit to finding you the right solution. Come to us with your semi-finished pieces in Schwarzenbach. You can see how fast and precisely you can reach your goal with our automated sawing machines. Bring workpieces or even just drawings – we’ll evaluate together which spindles, feeds or cooling you need for your machines. We consider the devices and machines you are already using in your operations and put together an automated system which fits into your entire design. If you already have automated sawing machines from Rohbi Tech, we would be glad to show you how these can be ideally fit on your workpieces.

Use an outsourced sawmill: We provide convincing quality

Do you have a larger set of work only once a year for which you need precision sawing? Do you feel that buying an automated, precision sawing machine wouldn't be economical for this? Then use Rohbi Tech AG as your outsourced sawmill. We give you the opportunity to saw your blanks in Schwarzenbach. You can have the parts made on our machines, or we can introduce you to a Rohbi Tech customer near you, with whom you can contract for outsourced work. This system allows us to extend our know-how and develop innovative solutions for the highest precision in sawing.