Bicycle industry

Achieve your goals quickly and efficiently with saws from Rohbimax

Precise bicycle parts for high-quality and long-lived products

Demands on bicycles have massively grown in recent decades. Today, a bicycle must operate for many years, use springs, the gears must shift easily and reliably, and the gearing must be user-friendly. The metal parts must be precisely cut and sawn down to a tenth of a millimetre to ensure this high performance. This provides outstanding dynamics, and muscles can optimally transfer force over the pedals to the bicycle, and from there to the road.

Rohbimax AG

RKA automated circular saws cut very small parts

Rohbimax AG is known for its broad variety of sawing machines for various dimensions and purposes. Therefore, our customer-specific machines are also well-suited for very small parts, such as bicycle components. Rohbimax AG is happy to consult with you on the right machines and will commission them for you. The RKA series is best for very small gear shifting parts; the RKA 92 automated circular sawing machine saws tubes with a diameter of 0.6 to 60 mm reliably and gently.

Rohbimax AG offers you automated sawing machines for cutting and sawing bicycle parts. For example, we can cut or saw the following individual parts:

  • Pump tubes
  • Free-wheelers
  • Small parts for gear shifts

Our references

Our customers benefit not only from the top quality of our saws, and broad customer support, but also from our broad network. For example, they also can have contract sawmills in their vicinity help in the production of parts when they have production bottlenecks. Manufacturers including Union Werl and Heidemann have used our systems for a long time for their production processes. They trust our first-class quality. Call us at any time if you have questions about our sawing machines. We would be happy to help.