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Discover high-quality metal cutting machines

If you'd like to increase your profits and output, it's well worth investing in a metal cutting machine from a manufacturer that you can trust like Rohbimax Ltd. A world leader in precision sawing technology, Rohbimax Ltd can count international industrial brands like Siemens, Bosch and Hydro-Aluminium among its many satisfied customers. Their prestigious metal cutting machine range has been developed by leading technicians, designers and craftsmen based on over 60 years of knowledge and experience in precision sawing over the smallest radius ranges of 0.6 mm to 70 mm.

The advantages of choosing a premium metal cutting machine

Choose a Rohbimax Ltd metal cutting machine and streamline your production line with ease. You can integrate one of our high-quality sawing machines into your existing manufacturing line or make it a standalone piece for specific applications. Each saw is made of high-quality solid carbide, high-speed steel or carbon tipped steel that can cut effortlessly through most types of metal. Select a metal cutting machine that can be tailored to your needs like the RKA precision circular sawing machine. You'll be investing in equipment that offers a clean, accurate cut with virtually burr-free cut off surfaces that require little or no extra finishing.

An asset for many years to come

Your metal cutting machine will help to raise your profit margin thanks to the higher level of production you can expect and you'll quickly see a return on your initial investment. Each sawing machine is made to the highest specifications and standards by skilled craftsmen and technology experts at our base in Switzerland. Our metal cutting machines are a worthy example of that famous Swiss precision and they have been developed using the latest methods and state of the art technology. Your metal cutting machine is built to last so you can expect the same exceptional level of production for many years to come.

Select the metal cutting machine that's right for you

Rohbimax Ltd metal cutting machines are used all over the world in a diverse range of industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace and aviation and technology. Whether you're cutting metal for special components or whether you want a machine that is renowned for its bundle cutting abilities, you can rely on Fast, efficient and easy to use, no special training is needed to operate your metal cutting machine and installation is quick and easy.

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See our full range at We also offer a wide range of accessories to optimise your machine to your personal wishes and our friendly team is always happy to help with information or details on our metal cutting machine range.


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