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Getting circular saw precision cuts is easier than you think

Everyone has a clear idea of what a precision tool looks like. In our imagination, they are usually made from stainless steel, are equipped with delicate handles and guided by some sort of advanced computerized motor. Few people would probably associate the image of a circular saw with the notion of precision instruments, but in that field, technology has taken strides as well. Today, making circular saw precision cuts is indeed possible, provided the saw comes from a manufacturer that prides itself in achieving highest precision in its products.

Circular saw precision cuts bring advantages to many industries

It always pays to put a premium on precision when sourcing or manufacturing components for a machine. Even small irregularities in size or surface structure of a machine part can potentially lead to that part interfering with the processes inside a machine. In some fields, this is even more important than in others. Companies and brands from the areas of air and space technology, in the automotive industry or in medical technology are particularly attentive to such detail and will therefore always opt for circular saw precision cuts whenever possible.

Circular saw precision cuts, tailored to your needs

Chances are that the products you manufacture are all based on the same raw material or a limited range of materials. All of these come with a set of their own specifications and characteristics that must be considered when they are being worked with. Circular saw precision cuts can only be done when the saw and blades are perfectly adapted to the material. For this reason, Rohbimax offers the construction of circular saws that are tailor-made to fit the tasks you have to deal with in your everyday work processes.

How Rohbimax turns cuts into circular saw precision cuts

If you are looking for circular saw precision cuts, you will soon stumble upon the brand name Rohbimax, a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality saws for industrial purposes. Their line of products includes the RKA models, a line of circular saws designed to deliver the highest precision in cutting. They are driven by a servomotor with am easy-to-handle user interface that allows for precise sawing in various speeds and with the highest degree of reliability. This precision saw not only meets all expectations of modern-day manufacturing, but also comes with extensive safety features.

Making circular saw precision cuts a sustained experience

Making the investment in a precision saw machine in many cases is a prerequisite for sustained business success, but it’s also an investment you will want to see pay off over an extended period of time. While Rohbimax saws are designed to deliver quality results over a long lifespan, they can also be upgraded by means of a wide range of accessory parts that will make achieving circular saw precision cuts even more comfortable. Also, spare parts can always be sourced from the makers, allowing for quick continuation.


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