Rohbimax AG’s approach

”If you need to saw, choose Rohbi.” That’s our corporate motto. Because however individual our customers’ desires, they can rely on Rohbimax AG. This means that we engage with our full commitment to exceed the highest quality standards. Only one way leads to solutions which fully satisfy our customers’ needs. We bring together a great deal of flexibility, broad know-how, decades-long experience and passion.

Our mission: the best quality, individual solutions and the greatest flexibility for our customers

With more than 60 years’ experience in precision sawing, we know how to implement solutions. We focus 100% on our customers’ needs. Complete flexibility, high quality, outstanding service and sticking to schedules are our promises to achieve great performance every day. From the first query to the development of an idea, and from assembling a product to commissioning, our work processes are subject to strict quality control. We place great value on joint visits and feedback discussions with our customers. This includes good products for the price, and transparency in manufacturing our automated sawing machines. Safety standards and CE compliance apply to all our products as a matter of course. We speak our customers’ language, and bring a great deal of understanding, so that they benefit over the long term when using Rohbimax machines.

Our vision: Rohbimax without borders

Standing still is moving backwards for us. Forward and upward are our preferred trajectory. Already, customers from around the world depend on our products and Rohbimax machines, including in the USA, in China, India, Sweden and, of course, in all of Europe, including Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy and Austria. We like challenges which we can master around the world. We are a strong partner to a broad swath of industries, including the automobile, electrical and jewellery industries, furniture and household appliances as well as steelworks. Rohbimax has a broad geographic reach and wide areas of application.