Solid carbide

Solid carbide: high precision and long life

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Rohbimax AG is your reliable and skilled supplier of solid carbide sawblades. We custom produce these and consult with you ahead of time about the quality and dimensions of your solid carbide sawblades. You can also contract with us to resharpen your sawblades. In addition, we can recommend a suitable and reliable tool sharpener near you and suggest our suppliers for new sawblades. Our activities are based on transparent conditions and prices.

Rohbimax AG

Technical specifications for our solid carbide

We offer solid carbide sawblades in various sizes. Normally, we produce blades with diameters from 100 to 160 mm, but special dimensions are always available. Don't hesitate to ask us. The thickness is between 0.5 and 1.6 mm: A circular sawblade made of solid carbide is quite narrow when compared to other sawblades. Thus, they need less cutting force and they create less scrap. In particular, with high-value and expensive semi-finished goods, such as gold or silver, one benefits from low material loss and subsequent cost savings.

Only the best of the best for our customers

The main benefit of solid carbide sawblades is that they can be operated at higher cutting speeds.  At the same time, they have lower wear than other sawblades. The lifetime or endurance of a sawblade is ideal, thanks to the higher RPM’s and speeds.  This means that it’s replaced less often, even during long production runs. The solid carbide sawblade with the right teeth is the most-suitable to process various kinds of materials. Over the long term, it is the right and sustainable investment due to its low wear and high precision. Fill out our on-line form to start your query. As soon as we have all the necessary information, we will find the best-possible solution for you and give you a non-binding recommendation. We look forward to meeting you soon.