Solid carbide, the material for clean cuts




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Using solid carbide blades for precision cuts

Metal parts are essential components of countless consumer goods and applications and of even more articles, machines and mechanisms that usually don’t appear in public view, such as machine tools or conveying and sorting systems in factories. For all of these applications, the exact fit of those metal parts are critical. From this finding, the need arises to manufacture them with the highest possible degree of precision. As most of these components must be cut from raw material, sawblades made of solid carbide have become the tool of choice for most manufacturers.

Solid carbide sawblades, what does that mean?

A carbide is a chemical compound usually consisting of carbon atoms and a metallic chemical element such as wolfram. When combined and adequately pressed together, usually by sintering, this compound forms a material with a remarkably high density, considerably higher than the density of steel and, resulting from that, also notably stiffer. For the purpose of sawing and cutting materials, sawblades made from solid carbide offer a significantly more effective way to cut various raw materials to create the components needed in machinery in many industries.

Many advantages of using solid carbide sawblades

The specific chemical characteristics of solid carbide can be used to manufacture sawblades that come with a decisive advantage over those made from other materials. One of the main benefits from using this kind of sawblade is the fact that they need less cutting force to fulfill the tasks they are used for. In turn, this means that they create less scrap when cutting materials, including those with a high material value. Sawblades made from carbide compounds therefore are a way to cut costs in the manufacturing process while also making work more efficient.

Investing in solid carbide sawblades pays in the long term, too

Reducing scraps from the material to be cut is one way sawblades made from solid carbide can help you cut materials and costs at the same time. But there are even more financial advantages of using this kind of sawblades. They do for example reduce the long-term costs of machinery used in your workshops, as carbide blades suffer from considerably less wear than other types of blades. That means, it takes significantly longer until they have to be replaced, creating meaningful savings in your company’s investment budgets over the years.

Solid carbide sawblades, made with Swiss care

Even the best materials can only go so far. What it takes are professionals who know how to handle them properly and turn them into the precision tools you need for your business. Today’s Rohbimax AG in Switzerland traces its roots back to the 1940s. In the decades since then, the company has always strived to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to its customers. New inventions and the clever use of materials are a trademark of the company. Today, it offers solid carbide sawblades that once again set the mark for efficient manufacturing.


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