Medical and dental industries

Precisely sawed materials for medical use

Rohbimax AG

Our RKA precision saws work to the hundredth of a millimetre

If you must saw a very hard material such as titanium, regular automated sawing machines often can't do the job. Rohbimax AG offers the RKA sawing machine, an outstanding and stable solution which can also reliably cut hard materials. One can manufacture gears from one piece, which gives them high stability. Other top-quality components are sawed by Rohbimax saws. Our machines are used, for example, to manufacture the following products:

  • Endoscopes,
  • Surgical instruments,
  • Injection needles and cannulas,
  • Orthopaedic inserts,
  • Bone rails and nails,
  • Braces,
  • Blanks for titanium implants
  • as well as glass fibre-reinforced plastic rods for dental implants.

Our references

Mathys Bettlach, Wolf Knittlingen, Dentaurum, Lewa-Dental, Synthes, Linvatec, Microtubes and Le Guellec are many manufacturers which achieve high precision using Rohbimax machines.