Writing instruments

Reliably saw the smallest diameters with Rohbimax machines

Rohbimax AG

Manufacture high-quality writing instruments made of low-burr to burr-free blanks

Everyone knows them and every one is used nearly every day: Writing instruments of all types. The smallest elements are sawed with our Rohbimax machines from blanks, rods or profiles and serve as semi-finished products for:

  • Ball-point pen refills,
  • Ball-point pen tips,
  • Housings for fountain pens and ball point pens,
  • Components of pressure mechanisms and clips on ball-point pens
  • and spacer rings.

Usually pipes and rods are cut for housings or refills, for holders or clips, so-called profiles. Basically, our automated machines saw every component of writing instruments which must be cut and cannot be extruded from plastic.

Our references

Many well-known writing instrument manufacturers rely on Rohbimax machines to cut their semi-finished products. These include, among others, MontBlanc, Lamy, Pelican, Caran d’Ache and Inoxcrom Spain.