Electronics industry

Saw contact plates for high-frequency equipment

Rohbimax AG

Precise fitting, high-quality saw components

The electronics industry uses materials which are high-quality and which must be processed gently and economically. If silver or even gold must be sawed, direct material costs can be saved if the product is sawed low-burr or burr-free. Also, the ability to directly build on semi-finished products without additional work steps saves time and money. Our machines are used in the electronics industry to manufacture various kinds of blanks:

  • Thin silver and gold contact plates for high-frequency equipment (such as cell phones, computers, TVs and radios),
  • Building electronics devices, spacer sleeves for clean board separation,
  • Housings for flow measurement devices,
  • Heat sinks for aluminium profiles (such as LED lights)
  • and reading heads for hard discs and 19” racks.

Our references

TPW Thailand, Measurex China, Yoloy USA, Bicc, Vero, Erbslöh and Fischer Elektronics – Rohbimax automated machines are found around the world.