Belt filter

Use belt filters, and sustainably reduce machine maintenance

Increase the service life of cooling emulsions with the appropriate accessories

If one uses cooling in the sawing process and to remove shavings, all residual particles and dirt are deposited. If one does not use a filter system, the emulsion becomes dirty, and must be replaced often. This process is associated with additional effort and costs. You have the opportunity with Rohbimax AG to purchase a belt filter as an accessory to your automated sawing machines. This filters the shavings out of the cooling lubricant, and reliably gathers them together. Then one only needs to discard the filter paper with the shavings, and to replace with a new filter roll. The filter is clean, and the machine ready to use. We would be pleased to talk with you about the benefits and function of our filter.

Rohbimax AG

A belt filter brings many benefits

Adding a belt filter to the sawing process offers a number of benefits. Small parts, such as shavings and dust, for example, are captured by the belt filter. Through this, the cooling emulsion is less contaminated, and thus replaced less often. Thus, the use of a filter provides for constant automated sawing machine operation and uninterrupted production. If you do not use a belt filter, many small particles are left in the emulsion, which can severely increase expenses to maintain the machine. You protect the machine, save a great deal of cooling emulsion, staff costs for maintenance work and therefore money.

Recover non-ferrous or precious metals with belt filters

In particular in industries in which non-ferrous or precious metals, such as gold, silver or copper are processed, belt filters are much appreciated as accessories to automated sawing machines. Usually, the filter serves to keep the cooling lubricant free of remnants. In the jewellery industry, for example, belt filters can filter out valuable silver and gold shavings, which can be melted and re-used. This saves costs. We would be glad to show you the benefits of a belt filter. Don’t hesitate to contact us.