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Find a circular saw that combines quality with precision

With over 60 years of experience in sawing and precision technology, you can rely on Rohbimax AG when you need a circular saw that really meets your needs. Perhaps you need a classic machine or maybe you're searching for a circular saw for ferrous materials. Our dedicated team is always on hand to help you find the right solution. Take a closer look at our saw range at www.rohbimax.ch or read on for more information.

What is a circular saw?

If you use a circular saw on a regular basis, you'll already be aware of most of the technical details and specifications. However, if you're new to this type of machinery, here's a quick history. The classic circular saw is a power-tool that uses a blade or a toothed or abrasive disc to cut through various materials. The blade or disc rotates around an arbor, just as it has since the first saw was invented in the late 18th century. Originally, the durable circular saw was developed for use in the sawmills that dotted the forested regions of the United States. The timber trade was at its peak and it wasn't long before other industries noticed the advantages of using these unique saws when fast but precise cutting was vital. Several individuals claim to have invented the 'first circular saw' but the one created by Gervinus of Germany in 1780 is the most likely contender.

The circular saw today

As the circular saw developed from a tool with a small blade to a machine with large blades or discs, its use became more widespread. Today, the circular saw is used all over the world in sectors such as engineering, manufacturing, lumber, and construction. Rohbimax Ltd is a leading name in precision sawing technology and its worldwide success stems from 60 years of hands-on knowledge and expertise. Some of the world's most famous brands rely on Rohbimax Ltd saws and Siemens, Bosch and Hydro Aluminium are just a few of the company's satisfied customers.

A circular saw that was made for you

Our circular saws have been designed to cut through most metals and a wide range of other materials effortlessly. They have been specifically developed for precision cutting and operate within the smallest radius range of 0.6mm to 70 mm. Spindle speeds on most machines such as the popular RKA saw can be synchronised to suit your materials and you are assured of a high quality, virtually burr-free cut in accordance with DIN 6784 standards.

Metal circular saw: Precision is our highest goal

For precise sawing results, it is crucial that the interaction of the entire metal circular saw is right. Not only the spindle, but also the metal saw blade must be manufactured with high precision. Only then does the precision circular saw cut reliably and accurately together with the feeding device. Overall, we aim for short cycle times and keep the speed very high thanks to the high-quality saw blades. The clamping jaws, which fix the material to be sawed, and the clamping jaws, which feed in more material as needed, are explicitly designed for the materials to be processed and optimally adapted to the size dimensions. Thanks to the automatic feed of the circular saw for metal type RKA, precision is permanently maintained and the machine works autonomously for hours.

More information about our range

Find out more about the many ways in which a classic circular saw can benefit you or explore our High Production fully automatic RKA range at www.rohbimax.ch. Do feel free to contact us by email or telephone for further advice on any of our high-quality precision sawing machines.


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