Further application areas

Benefit from the many places you can use our saws

Rohbimax AG

Precise sawing is needed nearly everywhere

In addition to the many areas of application listed, there are even still more places where our precision automated sawing machines can be used.

  • Heating: Gas and fuel oil supply lines, injectors, heat exchangers and accessories
  • Pneumatics: Blanks for blocks for valve housings, profiles for pneumatic cylinders and piston rods
  • Hydraulics: Hydraulic lines, piston rods, threaded rods, screws and fittings
  • Capillary tubes
  • Blanks for extruded solid wall components
  • Screws

Our references

Messingwerk Plettenberg, Lameco, Gnutti, Sapa, Amcor, Festo, Mikron, Hydro-Aluminium, Penn Aluminium, Alu-Menziken, Swissmetall, Müller Hespert and Fal Achel use automated sawing machines from Rohbimax AG every day for their production.

Have you missed your area of application in our lists? No problem. Rohbimax machines can be customised to meet your needs and are based on a simple principle: We are the right partner for you whenever you need sawing of the highest quality.