High speed spindle

A high speed spindle is used if the RPMs in a tool machine and the resulting cutting speeds must be kept very high. Thanks to an excellent ratio, high speeds can be achieved. This saves time throughout the machining process. High speed spindles contribute to increases in productivity which are also gentle to the automated sawing machine. This minimises maintenance expenses, and the machine can work for a longer period of time.

High speed spindle for higher RPMs

Depending on where the automated sawing machine is used, either a geared or high speed spindle is used. In addition, we offer a sawing machine – also conforming to individual needs – with a minimal lubrication system or flow cooling. The RKA precision circular saw is suitable for sawing solid materials, pipes or profiles made of various materials. The high speed spindle’s RPMs are exactly fitted to the cutting speed of the sawblade and the material to be sawn. The interplay of the entire system must work together to ensure high precision from automated sawing machines. This means that not only the spindle, but also the sawblade must be of a high-quality design. This ensures that the automated precision circular sawing machine works together with the feeder to provide reliable, precise results.

Rohbimax AG’s complete service offering

Our skilful staff would be glad to support you after the purchase of an automated sawing machine with a high speed spindle. We offer extensive after-sales service. After delivering machines, we work with you to commission the machine, train your staff on safe and efficient work and are available to answer your questions about upkeep, care and maintenance. In addition, if you desire, we can install a remote maintenance module in the switch cabinet. This allows us at a later point to support you with software updates or troubleshooting in a professional manner. We produce the components for RKA precision circular saws with high speed spindles in our factory on modern metalworking machines. This ensures timely delivery of your machines. Should you need repairs, you can count on our large spare parts warehouse.