Auto bar feeder

An auto bar feeder is a device which fully automatically feeds bars to the sawing machine either horizontally or vertically. Round, square and hexagonal bars can be easily processed. An auto bar feeder is an optional accessory for precision circular saws and is used in particular where production needs to be automated. The automatic auto bar feeder makes it possible for the machine to operate independently for hours before new material must be added.

Short versus long auto bar feeders

Basically, we offer short and long feeders. A longer auto bar feeder offers the benefit that one needs to reload the material less often, and that the bars are sawn directly after provision without having to be made smaller beforehand. If the space allows it, we recommend a long auto bar feeder.

Auto bar feeder for the RKA series

Our RKA automated sawing machines can be automated with an auto bar feeder. Rohbimax AG offers various models: from the horizontal chain feeder (LA 172) to the space-saving vertical chain feeder (LA 178 S), the belt loader with cross transport (GX 174) to a lifting loader for separation (HL 175), a broad choice. Depending upon the space available around your automated sawing machines, we can work together with you to develop a custom solution. A horizontal feeder is used, for example, when sufficient space is available. A vertical feeder, on the other hand, is suitable for smaller spaces. If you want to load the bars diagonally and transport them cross-wise, the belt loader could be the right choice. Essential to the construction of any precision circular saw, however, is always to fulfil your personal expectation of the product, and the flexibility needed for the machine.