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Stainless steel cutting is necessary for numerous products

It may not be obvious from the outside in many cases, but the things that keep machines moving and working are usually made from metal. From stainless steel, to be exact, as that material is both robust and flexible in its use and comes with a built-in long lifespan. Steel components are used for rods, moving parts, casings, feeders, conveyors and multiple other parts of a machine. But in order to fulfill the tasks they are used for, they need to be brought into the right form and size. In order to achieve that, stainless steel cutting comes into play.

Stainless steel cutting is a major step towards market success

Considering the wide range of functions metal components of machines can be tasked with, it is obvious that those parts need to be manufactured as precisely as possible. That illustrates the need for powerful yet accurate tools for the manufacturing process. Drilling or sawing metallic parts can be quite a challenge, but as any irregularities can lead to errors or malfunctioning, there can be no compromises acceptable when it comes to stainless steel cutting.

Stainless steel cutting that meets all of your requirements

Precision and accuracy are the main cornerstones of any solid and reliable stainless steel cutting. But for any work process that’s a part of a complex manufacturing scheme, other criteria must be met as well. Costs are a major factor of course, but brands also put a premium on delivery reliability to make sure that all demand challenges can be answered adequately. For this reason, it is advisable to commit to suppliers that have extensive experience in working as commission processors. Those will be familiar with the special requirements and challenges of your industry.

Professional stainless steel cutting adapted to your needs

No two construction plans are the same and each and every one of them requires a different set of components. As machine parts are made from raw materials, some amount of cutting or sawing is usually involved. However, each material requires another approach and stainless steel cutting can be very different from sawing iron or other alloys. In addition, the size of specimens can vary greatly. Rohbimax, the Swiss manufacturer of precision cutting solutions, takes pride in constructing the exact fitting saw machine tailor-made for the needs and requirements of each customer.

Swiss-made stainless steel cutting and many other services

The Rohbimax brand stands for cutting solutions such as individually built saws for stainless steel cutting and has been a preferred partner for many great engineering brands in Switzerland and elsewhere. But this is not the only service partners can source from the company. Rohbimax is also available as a contractor and has earned impressive merits in this field. The company is also at your disposal when it comes to high-precision solid carbide sawblades and is ready to help you determine what kind of saw you need with saw tests.


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