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The classic Precision Circular Saw


Precision Circular Saw

Circular Saw for non-ferrous material


Precision Circular Saw

Circular High Production Saw for ferrous material


Precision Circular Saw

Why you should invest in a metal cutting machine

A first-class metal cutting machine means less waste and an increase in output and profit. Rohbi Tech AG has been making high-quality sawing machines at its plant in Switzerland for over half a century. Our precision-made machines have revolutionised metal cutting and they are valued by clients from a diverse range of backgrounds including communications, electronics and engineering.

An innovative approach to metal cutting

Rohbi Tech AG is a leading manufacturer of metal cutting and sawing machines with over 50 years of hands-on experience. Each component is made from high-grade materials using the latest manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology. Benchmark products like the RKA classic circular saw machine take the process of metal cutting to a new level and this versatile machine can be easily integrated into your plant or production line. Machines are equipped with either HSS (High-speed steel) or solid carbide blades that are suitable for all types of standard solid materials, profiles and tubes. Bundle sawing of thin-walled tubes is a speciality thanks to the machine's innovative 60° prismatic jaws and a multiple clamping system can be used for complex cross-sections.

Take a closer look at our metal cutting blades

The most important component of any metal cutting machine is the saw or blade. Our HSS or high-speed steel saw can cut through round material with a diameter range of 2 - 70 mm or profiles or sections measuring up to 80 x 40 mm. High-speed steel is widely used for metal cutting and it is superior in quality to traditional high-carbon steels. Solid Carbide blades can cut round materials with a diameter range of 0.6 mm to 50 mm with ease as well as sections or profiles measuring 60 x 40 mm. Unlike HSS, Carbide is not technically a metal but is a composite of hard Tungsten Carbide particles in a metallic Cobalt matrix. It typically has a hardness of 1600 HV compared with mild steel which is around 160 HV, making it ideal for numerous metal cutting applications.

Metal cutting machinery that you can rely on

Perhaps you want a specialised metal cutting machine like the KTC NF or KTC F. The KTC NF is a high production fully automatic sawing machine that has been designed specifically for non-ferrous metals. A carbide tipped saw blade makes it the ideal metal cutting machine for alloys and aluminium profiles that don't contain iron. If you work with ferrous metals including iron and other heavy metals, the KTC F with either a carbide or high-speed steel blade is the right solution. No matter which option you choose, you're sure of a clean, precise cut with less waste. Infinitely variable spindle speeds allow you to calibrate your saw to your requirements and a touch screen panel makes controlling the cutting process easy.

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