Does a high speed spindle make a difference?




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Precision Circular Saw

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Precision Circular Saw

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Precision Circular Saw

What you need to know about the high speed spindle

A high speed spindle enhances the performance of your circular sawing machine and can be calibrated to suit your needs. There are so many advantages to choosing a premium sawing machine with a high speed spindle like those you can see at You'll save time and your production line will be more economically viable. And, as no special training is required, any of your staff will be able to easily operate your sawing machine.

What is a high speed spindle?

In machine tools such as Robi Tech's range of circular saws, the spindle is the rotating axis that drives the saw. Machines of this calibre might have spindle driven feed systems which also revolve around a central high speed spindle. The spindle speed is measured in revolutions per minute or RPM based on how many times the spindle completes a full 360° revolution in one minute. In general, wood is sawn at higher speeds than metal since precision cutting is often less critical. With a Rohbi Tech AG high speed spindle, precision cutting is guaranteed over a wide range of materials.

More about the high speed spindle

The high speed spindle is an integral part of each Rohbi Tech AG sawing machine. Each component is made from high-quality premium materials using the latest methods. A finished high speed spindle is then fitted to machines like the classic RKA precision circular saw. You can synchronise the spindle speed from 1,000 to 3,000 depending on the material being sawn or opt for a machine with a vector-controlled frequency converter for infinitely variable speeds of 1,500 to 4,500 rpm. A high speed spindle is an important element if you opt for an AC Servo saw drive motor feed system rather than a hydraulic or pneumatic system and speeds of 300 to 3,500 rpm ensure that you can fully synchronise the entire process.

High speed spindle options: more choice to suit your needs

Perhaps you're looking at the KTC NF precision sawing machine for non-ferrous materials. You'll benefit from fast, precise cutting thanks to a high speed spindle with infinitely variable speeds between 1,600 and 4,000 rpm. At Rohbi Tech AG you're sure of finding the machine that's right for you; if you don't require a high speed spindle driven saw but need one that's ideal for ferrous materials, the KTC F is an excellent alternative and it's available in two variations.

Make a high speed spindle the component you rely on

Choose a machine with a high speed spindle such as the Classic RKA or the KTC F and you'll benefit from over 50 years of industry experience. Each part, including the spindle, is made by skilled craftsmen who combine unparalleled Swiss precision with the latest machining techniques to create parts that will last a lifetime.


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