Why invest in an auto bar feeder?




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The classic Precision Circular Saw


Precision Circular Saw

Circular Saw for non-ferrous material


Precision Circular Saw

Circular High Production Saw for ferrous material


Precision Circular Saw

Save time and money with an auto bar feeder

If you've chosen a premium piece of machinery such as a Rohbi Tech AG precision circular saw, it makes sense to invest in an auto bar feeder. Less time is spent on feeding profiles into the saw and production is increased as a result.

Do you need an auto bar feeder?

If you'd like to cut costs and improve the overall function of your production line, then the answer is yes, you do need an auto bar feeder. Select a high-quality piece of machinery such as those featured at www.rohbitech.com and you'll be able to streamline your entire production or manufacturing process. You can choose a standard vertical auto bar feeder or if you have less room, pick a space-saving horizontal loading machine. Your Rohbi Tech AG auto bar feeder is easy to install and operate and you'll soon recoup your initial outlay thanks to the time you save and the overall increase in production. A standard auto bar feeder like the LA 172 horizontal chain loading magazine has loading widths of 1700 or 2300mm. Special chain drive pins are available for these popular auto bar feeder machines and we offer a wide selection of compartment sizes.

An auto bar feeder that's right for you

Perhaps you prefer a compact auto bar feeder or one that can cope with large quantities of round bars – like the GX 174 bundle loading machine with inclined loading magazine and transverse transport. This versatile auto bar feeder can handle round bars in the 14 to 60 mm diameter range with ease and it can be installed as part of your existing system or as the start of your new set up. Our comprehensive auto bar feeder range offers a number of options and each machine is compatible with our classic RKA circular sawing machine.

An experienced name that you can trust

Every Rohbi Tech AG auto bar feeder is made to the highest specifications using a blend of Swiss precision and the latest technology and machining processes. With over 50 years experience to our name, you're assured of premium equipment that won't let you down. No extensive training is required so you or any member of your staff can operate your auto bar feeder from the very first day. Synchronise your loading machine to the spindle speed and the transfer of ferrous and non-ferrous bars will be as safe and effortless as it should be.

More information about our auto bar feeder?

Take a closer look at our auto bar feeder range at www.rohbitech.com and you'll see a few of the benefits you'll enjoy. Less waste and less wasted time, plus the streamlined plant that you've always wanted. Do email or call our friendly team for further information on any machine in the Rohbi Tech AG collection. We're always on hand to help you make the choices that are right for you and your company.


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